Charity & Grant

    It is no surprise that many parents die, leaving their children to a nation unable to take care of them. On the streets, children are disturbingly vulnerable; evil adults will cripple orphaned children in order to use them for begging.

    It is also no surprise that children are often abandoned, particularly handicapped children and baby girls (whose dowries will put unbearable financial burdens on their parents). If girls are not abandoned, they might be killed soon after birth or married off at nine years old to a man 30 years older than them. I am not sure which is worse—are you?

    As We In Aonex Creation Believe Each & every one in this world expect Healthy food, Good education & Bright future. Helping the lives of Orphans & Street children is mercy of Aonex Creation as giving in our Principle. We are working with the organization of Ragaventhira Arrakkattalai , Vallalar Trust.

    As we donate the food in street Orphans, Handicapped persons through Vallalar Trust. Food, Shelter & School for Orphans children through Ragaventhira Arrakkattalai.

    We at in Aonex Creation truly believe to give them rehabilitation. they get the gainful in good activates, Manners ,loving family relationship with every one. A part of the profit in Aonex Creation is giving back to these organization to improve the basic things for street orphans & to develop the Orphan Children’s Education.

     If you would like to donate these people for their rehabilitation , You can also help them directly or through Missions/charity house. Please Let us know to join with us to help life.